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How to Reach Your Goals by Staying Positive

Did you know that most people give up on their resolutions by the second week in February? This doesn’t come as a shock, though. Our days are packed with errands and deadlines. How does one stay motivated to stick to their resolutions with all the hustle and bustle of every day life?

Take some advice from Dory, “Just Keep Swimming.” Not every day is going to be easy or the most productive, but it’s okay to be satisfied with how far you have come and where you are right now. Your attitude sets the stage for the rest of your day, as well as the rest of your life. Stay in a positive mindset regarding your goals so that you can devote all your mental energy to completing them. Here are some simple tips to keep up with those resolutions, work on yourself and generate some self-love today!

Motivational Deck of Cards Use a planner. A coworker of mine stays motivated by using fun, motivational stickers in her weekly planner. I stay motivated by writing down my intentions for the week in my planner, as well as pulling a random card from an inspirational deck every day, then I carry its message with me throughout my day. I personally like the spiritual card decks online which often have one word per card (like strength, or balance, or charity). You could also make your own! Put some of your most inspirational quotes and advice on some nice paper and there you have it!

Stay motivated by taking care of your body. Your body is your temple. When you feel sluggish, you feel unmotivated. When you feel unmotivated, it is kind of hard to work on your goals. So, keep moving! The best way that you can take care of yourself and your mind TODAY is to get a little exercise. Go on a walk, run around your neighborhood, walk your dog, get on a bike or dance to your favorite album. Not only does exercise help to reverse illness like hypertension, it releases dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin, which elevates your mood and improves cognitive function (Greer 2017).

Need a quick healthy fix? Eat a handful of strawberries. They are packed full of sweet and juicy antioxidants and vitamins like A and K. Not a fruit nut? Maybe you can try this amazing dairy free pasta sauce using cashews! Boil ½ cup of cashews for about 30 minutes and blend them into your pasta sauce with some seasonings or herbs…TA DA! It tastes like ricotta cheese, without all the saturated fat and cholesterol! I’ve made this for my boyfriend and my family and everyone is always amazed. It’s delicious, filling, and good for those healthy New Year’s resolutions.

Protect yourself from burn out. Valentine’s day has passed, and you’ve showered your loved ones with affection, so maybe it’s time that you did that for yourself! Studies have shown that higher self-esteem is linked to greater general well-being, meaningfulness of life, and happiness (Du 2017). A great way to prevent burn out is to listen to your body and trust your intuitions! Pay attention to when you’re feeling thirsty, tired, hungry, productive, or creative. This is helpful when deciding the best way to go about your day. Don’t be afraid to take a break occasionally; sometimes it’s okay to sit back, relax and recharge. I try to take time every day to simply sit with my thoughts, or do something I enjoy, like watering my plants and listening to music. Remember, you are your own guiding force! Trust your gut, do what makes you happy and put in work towards your goals. Try to be kind to yourself every day and watch yourself become who you’ve always wanted to be.


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Note: I am not a medical physician and patients should consult their physician with any changes to their meds/healthcare.